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Giving Statements

This year we will be mailing out all year end giving statements totaling $250.00 and above. Furthermore, for online giving or text-to-give totals simply login to your personal accounts to retrieve your giving statements. To access your text-to-give account text the word “edit” and follow the prompts to get your report. Please note, if you have contributed from both a personal and a business account you will have two separate giving statements mailed to you. If you have any questions, you may contact Elizabeth Valenzuela at the church office (559) 732-4791 or via email at

For giving history from Vanco Giving app or any givings through website WCBCI.ORG please login to account here and choose date range you are looking for.

* Please note: All financial contributions given at our campuses must have a first and last name on the envelope to receive a tax credit.

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