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Dr. Mark Barclay
April 11, 2021

"... I feel it rising in me promotion, promotion, promotion; and I believe the Lord is saying two things about this; One God has a plan to promote you; we can preach on that, I’m not just talking about your job; it could include your job. I’m talking about you being promoted in your family to win them over. You being promoted in the community to win it over. Promotion is always natural, and it is always spiritual all at the same time. But I see in the Spirit a promotion coming to this house as a team, as an army. "



APRIL 26,2021


"... Something’s about to happen. There’s a breakthrough And it’s going to manifest in a very unusual way. In a way, now, when you’re believing God for something, BIG, which you are. From time to time you try to figure it out, and you’re even tempted to tell God “this is how you can do it.” But he don’t need our help. Okay? So something is about to happen that you couldn’t think of. You couldn’t think of it in a thousand years, but God’s already been working on it behind the scenes. Aha! I’m excited about it, because I know. Get ready! Get ready!"


Pastor Tracy Harris
April 30,2021

I’ve got one phrase that comes up in my spirit. “I will exalt Him to inherit the land.” You need to know what is happening right now. In the Spirit realm something is happening right now. I will exalt him, I will exalt you, sayeth the Lord, to inherit the land. I got a scripture for you, couple of them, Isaiah says your seed will inherit the land. He is not just talking about the people or your natural children. Here, because of the law, seed, time, and harvest, your seed has the authority. The land, he will not only put you in the land, but he’ll clothe you with it. Because Isaiah 54:3 says, ‘your seed shall inherit the nations, the land’, but in particular this is the one, that is so scorched on my spirit is Psalm 2...As I am listening to you talk, its flooding up in me is a rhema word for you. And he basically says Psalms 2:8.

And there is this date moment in this, here’s the thing, is this, is in Hebrews 1, what God says to Jesus when he raised him from the dead at the moment. Literally these words, "by the granting of that name" that’s what blew Hell back, gates, everything, and blew him out of there. He didn’t get raised up and get the name, he got the name and the name raised him up. See that’s the thing, he was in the belly of the earth and according to Proverbs 2, it’s very clear that "I will exalt him for He has given him a name, which is above every other name." So, the name is what brought the exaltation. It’s in that name.

And he says in Psalms 2:7 “I will declare the decree, the Lord is said under me, you are my son, This day have I begotten you,” There is something happening this day, while we are talking, “ask of me and I shall give thee the heathen for that inheritance and the uttermost part of the earth for that possession.” And here is what’s in my spirit, Psalms 2:8, Taylor’s translation says this, “I will give you both the people and the property.” Then King James: "The heathen for your inheritance" that’s the people,"uttermost part of the earth for that possession" that’s the property. I say to you right now, this day, we declare the decree. He will give you both the people and the property. He will exalt you to inherit the land. The name has purchased that property.

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